(all you can eat buffet)
39€ for adultes
19€ for children (-12 years old)

    • Continental breakfast

    • Coffee
      Homemade hot chocolate
      Fresh fruit squeezed juice
      Assortment of viennoiserie
      Different variteties of bread
      Fresh fruits

    • English breakfast

    • Scrambled eggs
      Iberian bacon
      Poultry sausage

    • Buffet of starters

    • Baked eggs of the day
      Soup of the day
      Gravlax salmon
      Lentil salad
      Mixed salad leaves
      Quinoa salad
      Potato salad
      Leaks vinaigrette
      Vegetable wrap & guacamole
      French delicatessen plate

      And a large choice of different salads

    • Hot meals

    • Duck parmentier
      Pasta or risotto of the day
      Fish of the day & side dish
      Meat or poultry of the day & side dish

    • Buffet of desserts and cheese plates

    • Morbier, comté
      Chocolate & pear charlotte
      Assortment of homemade cakes and biscuits
      Lemon pie
      Season fruits
      Homemade french pancakes
      Homemade whipped cream or nutella waffles
      Cheese cake
      Fresh fruit salad


Non-exhaustive list , depending on the seasons.
Taxes and service included, price in euros VAT. Checks are not accepted. Cash and credit card accepted.